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In meantime, you can read below something about us:


Apeiron is an independent association, established in Italy in 1996.

It has been active in Nepal since 1997 supporting those women whose everyday existence is characterized by exclusion, violence and exploitation, and whose fundamental rights are not guaranteed.


Improved status and quality of life of discriminated, disadvantaged and second-rated women of Nepal.


To closely work with nepali women and their communities through an holistic approach that aims at their EMPOWERMENT.

Refusing a charity-based system of humanitarian aid and investing on prevention, Apeiron encourages women to take opportunities and to develop new skills through vocational guidance and Non Formal Education to become economically and morally independent and to obtain social respect.


Apeiron can rely on many volunteers, who actively participate to the association’s life in their free time or who place their professional capabilities at Apeiron’s disposal.

Volunteers regularly organize cultural and sporting events, information campaigns and fund raising events.


Apeiron’s projects mainly focus on Nepalese women, being the pulsing hearts of each family and, therefore, of the entire community. Women are, in fact, centres around which life revolves. They are able to catalyse social changes, at first effectively improving their own family-life and at a later stage the whole society.

Our main projects are:

CASA NEPAL: it is a temporary shelter  for women who have endured violence and discrimination or have suffered from harsh economic and social circumstances, and for their children. The beneficiaries of the project partake in a rehabilitation program (counselling, non-formal educations, life skill course, tai chi, yoga etc..) and in other activities thought to strengthen their manual abilities and, therefore, their self-confidence (recycled plastic objects, recycled papers made lamps etc..). On top of this, the women are offered  vocational training courses to become economically independent once they will leave Casa Nepal.

RURAL MICRO-ENTERPRISE: The objective  of this project is to create and develop micro-enterprises in order to empower and steady socio-economic conditions of women who suffer strong economic drawback and who live in disadvantaged rural communities. In the very beginning the micro enterprises start at an individual level, then develop into a family – community level to end in formal corporate structures.


A major earthquake occurred in Nepal on April 25th.

As a result, more than 8,700 people died, more than 22,000 people were injured and more than 500,000 houses have been destroyed.

Media do not talk about the violent earthquake any more, but the situation is not getting better.

With thousands of homeless and the risk of landslides that forced entire villages to evacuate, the emergency is not likely to be over soon.

We have immediately mobilized our resources and we have been helping by distributing:

  • food (rice, lentils, oil and salt) to 1500 families, and
  • dignity kits to 1200 women. The kits are meant for pregnant women who are going to deliver within 45 days and new moms. They contain: nutrition food (such as: horlick, lactogen, sarwottam phito, juano, mixed legumes), sanitary pads,  and warm clothes for moms and babies

Besides, we have helped communities to build:

  • 960 Temporary shelters made of CGI (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) sheets to help families in Dhading, Sindupalchowk and Lalitpur District who lost their houses to have a safe place where to live during the monsoon season and until a new house will be ready
  • 25 Temporary Learning Centers made of CGI sheets and iron truss to let children of Jharlang Village in Upper Dhading District go back to school again.

We are committed to stay close to Nepali people even after the emergency will be over. We will be accompanying them along the future difficult reconstruction path.

If you want to see some pictures about our earthquake relief activities, click here

If you want to contact us, write an e-mail to: barbara@apeirononlus.it

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